About Us

Can Do Kid was founded by Deborah Luster, Founder/President, former President of Annie’s Homegrown in the fall of 2004 in Mill Valley, California.   As a mother of three children, Deborah realized that there was a lack of products for young kids that were inspiring and focused on positive self esteem.  As an entrepreneur she set out to fill that void and decided to write a book to inspire children called I Can Do Anything! featuring a neighborhood of CAN DO KIDS.   The book became the genesis for a Company and Culture—CAN DO KID, Inc.

CAN DO KID was created to inspire kids of all ages and the goal was to find as many ways to carry the CAN DO message as possible.  With her sister Chris Elders, Co-Founder and Director of Sales, they created a line of CAN DO products including an all natural, gluten-free food line with kids’ nutrition/energy bars as their flagship product.  CAN DO KID bars were created with the help of hundreds of kids (and their mothers) and are now being sold across the country in Whole Foods and other independent and natural stores.   A second book featuring the CAN DO KIDS called I Am Happy Just The Way I Am! was released towards the end of 2007.  Deb and Chris’s motto is “it’s not about age, it’s about attitude!”